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Make no mistake, there are many lovely people in Wallingford and it has a fascinating history, so why oh why do my spirits sink at the negativism and parochialism that seem to pervade the town! Whenever, I approach it from whatever direction there seem to be posters from some campaign group urging us to say 'no' to something or other. At the moment it seems to be the development of certain parts of the town for housing and the excavation of gravel pits. Very soon I am sure we will treated to 'Say no to Morrisons'! In my view it appears to be a town that is constantly dwelling on its past rather than one which is constructing a vision of how it might develop in the future. Those that purport to speak for the town and to have its best interests at heart, seem embedded in the traditions of office and the accompanying pomp and ceremonial occasions. I ask, do they really speak for the majority of wallingfordians?